The Legend of Zelda, the Lost Sequel

SubmittedNovember 15, 2012

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This is a different sequel of the first Zelda, so as a game player, you must keep in mind that it's as if all the other "Zelda games" never existed.

Update: This time, IT WILL WORK. The quest is a real custom quest this time. I apologize to everyone who saw a mistake in my last submission, I simply had accidentally added a quest number value to my old quest submission. OOPS!!! Well, anyway, the point of the game stays the same, so this quest is still considered as a different sequel of the first Zelda.


Link gets woken up by an important message from Zelda that tells him to meet her at Hyrule Castle...


Only me (David Rioux) and the person who made the Newfirst quest tileset

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