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Puzzle Robots obviously is a puzzle game, that is nothing like typical zelda or adventure games. You play as Anot (the light grey robot) and have to reach Denet (the other robot) in each level, or make her happy first, by solving puzzles.

The key element of the puzzles are block pushing. In this quest, you can push blocks over block destinations without having the block stuck on the block destination, unlike in other quests. This allows for sokoban like levels and even other types of cool puzzles. During the quest, new features come into play, wich includes crates, stone blocks, water, bombs, teleporters and more!! Water, for example, works like solid combos, that you can push blocks onto. While stone blocks sink in water, crates are floating on it, allowing to walk over.

This quest contains 150 Levels! Have fun 😀

(this quest requires rather fast pc\'s because of badly written scripts. If you\'re unlucky the game might be slowdown for you)


Long time before, there was an evil guy who experimented with globated robots. These robots were very very clever and in the end they defeated their own master. Many years after, these little robots found the wonderful world of the puzzles. Two of these robots were so happy in that world that they decided to play a game in there. One of them hid herself in a Level while the other one had to find her and solve lots of puzzles.


Thanks a lot to my beta testers and contributors Hoff123, HybridHyrule and nicklegends!!! You all were amazing!
Special thanks to nicklegends for inspiration for music choice and for making the Levels 123, 128, 133, 134 and 149!

Thanks to PureZC for being a nice website with nice members!
Also thanks to Nintendo for Zelda and the water graphics used in this quest.
Thanks to the followers of Puzzle Robots and last but not least, thanks to you, for reading this, being interested in this and hopefully playing and enjoying this!

Hints and/or Cheats

You might have noticed that smiley-counter at the top left of the subscreen. In this quest there is the ability to skip a level, although it is very limited!!! First of all, what you need to skip a level is a skipper. From time to time, there is a skipper hidden in a level somewhere, and once you collect it, it doesn\'t reappear. When you collect the skipper, the counter increases by 1, meaning that you earn the right to skip 1 level. 😀

Once you have a skipper, a new text appears in the subscreen. It tells you what buttons to press, to skip a level. Press A, A, Start, to skip. You should preserve the skipper for levels that are too hard for you. There are only 7 of these skippers in the entire quest. There is no alternate ending or a special reward or something, if you have each skipper and didn\'t skip a level once, so don\'t be afraid to use them if you are stuck.

If you run out of skippers and you\'re stuck, you might also send me a message. Please always specify for which Level you need help!
Thanks. ;D

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