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AUTUMN OF 2012 UPDATE -- New custom music by Wolfo has replaced whatever it was that used to be in the game. A progress-blocking error between levels seven and eight has been fixed. If you downloaded a copy of the quest before November 3rd, 2012, get the updated version linked here. This quest features a full overworld and about a dozen underworlds. It is relatively difficult, so I recommend playing it with a gamepad/controller rather than with the keyboard. The tileset has been heavily modified and many of the tiles were created specifically for this game. The enemies are a little bit different than you are used to, as are the items. I only recommend 1.9x versions for use in playing this quest, as newer builds are not compatible.
The subject matter of the quest warrants a PG-13 warning. Consider this declaration to be such a warning. Upon waking from strange sleepwalking dreams of a blind battle on a cloud and submerging a burning sword for safety, you recall that your friends, the twins, had invited you over for... something. You notice, however, that enemies stand in your way and the twins seem to have locked themselves in their bedroom. After defeating those that interfere, one of the ladies explains that a wolf has stolen away her sister and, more importantly, her Gameboy. Vowing to return with it (and her), you set off, mowing down the evildoers. With the ground thoroughly searched, you realize you will have to use the lessons of your dreams in real life and use your waking experience in lucid dreams, if you are to secure the units necessary to find the Gameboy and "What's-Her-Name?" ....And so much more, like some deal about an "Octoforce" or something. You can't be expected to know how everything works, can you?
Deserving of the most thanks is my major coconspirator in this endeavor, Wolfo, the composer of all of the music in the game. I want to extend an honest thanking to everyone who has tested/played/reviewed this quest in any of it's many (this thing is ten years old and still alive) past/current/future (?) incarnations. Thank you, also, to those who regularly test quests and/or answer questions for questmakers. Thank you to whomever ported the tileset I modified. Additionally, thank you to the people of the sites that host these files. If none of the above describes you, I invite you to go thank yourself.
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