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Here is Molka, a Quest I finished 2 or 3 years ago. Now you're probably thinking, "Old graphics? Are you kidding me?" Well, here's my wisdom; this Quest will prove that Quests can still be good if they're in the old graphics. This Quest contains 13 levels (all required to win) and a whole lotta things to uncover. Along with the old gfx are many custom-drawn gfx that I drew myself (the gfx themselves weren't all that hard to draw; it's the COMBOS that really rock), and also don't forget that the music that comes with this Quest is, in more than my own opinion, excellent.

Before you begin, remember that this Quest is a challenging one. The levels are not ridiculously hard, but they do make you think. Lots of puzzles are in this Quest... trust your gizmos.

So, for your enjoyment, I give you... MOLKA!!

***Updated 8/14/07*** Fixed some long-outstanding bugs, such as not being able to exit from a later dungeon until you've beaten it (and that dungeon required Bait too, so O_o on that), various Continue bugs (though they're not eliminated, they are now no longer game-stopping) and I also removed the things the Bosses say to you when you fight them 'cause Link can't move and the Boss often can get in a free hit. Not cool. Lastly, I added 4 new screenshots.

Molka is a mountain land, inhabited by strong, hearty folks. This land was peaceful enough, as Ganon had never touched the place. Well, THAT'S because Ganon did NOT know that Molka had a triforce of it's own! The Triforce of Gizmos allowed it's owner mastery over his or her items. Link could've used something like this in his first adventure, couldn't he? Well, also in Molka were new items that Link or anyone in Hyrule had never heard of before. The Whistle of the Winds was an example.

Ganon always seems to revive himself after being defeated, huh? It's true. Link and Ganon have faced off so many times it's not even funny. (That's thanks to anyone who's ever made a Zelda Classic Quest!) So, Ganon revives himself again and goes at it, thinking of another way to defeat Link. After 3 days of thinking, Ganon bolts out of his chair and yells, "I HAVE IT! I know how to defeat Link! I just have to kidnap Zelda to a land with tougher enemies!" All his minions applauded. What a plan! It was brilliant!

Ganon sent out scouts to find a land with really hard enemies. They found one: Molka. "Great job, boys!" Ganon said to the scouts. "Let's prepare to strike!" And with that, Ganon and his minions started building the Dark Base, a floating dungeon that could travel anywhere. In 2 weeks, it was finished. Ganon took Zelda the next night, as she was walking out on her balcony to gaze at the stars, and transported her up into the Dark Base. Then they flew to the mountain of Molka, putting Ganon's plan fully in action. Ganon just had to wait for Link.

The Hyrulians didn't panic. This has happened before. Zelda's been kidnapped a lot, so they knew the drill. Rebuild the Triforce, send Link to Level 9, defeat Ganon. Right? Well, that's when the Hyrulian messenger reported that Ganon escaped to Molka. OOPS, this ain't part o' the drill! NOW they panicked. But Link didn't. Already he was thinking of a way to get to Molka.

He went home that night with no plan. His sidekick, a Wind Wizzrobe (who he met secretly in A Link to the Past), tried to cheer him up a bit. He knew how to play Link's whistle better than Link, so he played a song for him. Link didn't cheer up. "I've been on many adventures before, but Molka... I don't even know where Molka is!" The Wizzrobe stopped playing and looked at Link, hard. "Did you say, MOLKA?" Silence. "Link, I lived in Molka during your first adventure! I know where it is!"

By the next day, Link was prepared to go. The laws of Molka stated that most Hyrulian items were not allowed within the land. So, Link was bringing his Boomerang, Wooden Sword, and a Blue Potion with him. Even the Red Ring stayed behind. Once he was all ready, the Wind Wizzrobe blew him in a tornado to the city in Molka. It worked!

Now, Link knew where he had to go. The Triforce of Gizmos, still undetected by Ganon, was hid away hundreds of years ago in 8 pieces, each piece inside one of the dangerous Forts of Molka. These Forts also contained legendary Molkian items (like the Whistle of the Winds), allowing Link even more power. Only once Link had completely mastered his items would he be able to reach the Dark Base floating over the northeastern corner of Molka. And the best part is, Ganon doesn't even know Link is prepared so well. He doesn't know what he's askin' for!!!

-Andrew Caris (my best friend. The Quest was origionally a private gift to him, but HE suggested that I post it on the Internet.) -Creators of Zelda Classic. -Anyone who has encouraged me.
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1.92 b183
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