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 Quest Database >> Main Listing >> Knit Knight Academy

Knit Knight Academy



Knit Knight Academy is a game for Zelda Classic and is based in the future. It has some special things which can not be found in any other quest and has awesome graphics (well mostly). It has a well thought out story as well, making it a great choice of game. Some examples of the unique things that this quest has are: lightable torches (more to a room, but must be lit in a certain order translucent water opening loading screen, and movie sequences at parts of the game, high detail, unique bosses, dark rooms with candles and windows that shed light, NPC's (which is slightly changed from the different ways other quests use them), guards that move and catch you, interesting plot, with multiple suspected enemies. File size is large because it contains a few mp3s with long durations. NOTE: when you leave an area, (listed in hint section) you wont be able to come back. So make sure you get EVERYTHING! To go to the main site, please visit: http://ca.geocities.com/andrews23@rogers.com

Quest file updated: 12/17/05

This is the actual fictional storyline behind this quest, and the objective. In the year 2493, the Rich Couch City was attacked by a group of colonized criminals called the cheadians, they are very powerful and have past misunderstandings with Greece, so they decided one day to attack. There was one hope back then who destroyed the evil leader Chido. The hero's name was Chinzue Arta, he was a scientist who discoverd a special force called energy. With such knowledge, he was able to defeat the dark lord and bring peace to the city. To make sure no conflict would happen again, he started a academy to help teach people with energy sensitive abilities to learn their power and help bring peace to the world. All was fine until the year 2512, at this time, Chido returned. Chido was quickly supported by the remaining cheadians and built two bases near the city. After doing so, he and another more secret dark lord learned the ways of energy and created a dark academy for their warriars. They then organized an attack on the Knit Knight Academy by using a different criminal identity... The only one with the power to prevent war is Pam Cham, a unique Knit Knight who seems to be strong with energy. Can he defeat the evil dark lords, or will Pam fall to the dark lords' power? Find out when you play Knit Knight Academy! The objective gets revealed throughout the quest, since there are multiple enemies...
Me Web space provider, Zelda Classic designers, Games that my music originates from.
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Knit Knight Academy
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Knit Knight Academy
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