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 Quest Database >> Main Listing >> Simple Link's Awakening/Old-Skools Koholint Island

Simple Link's Awakening/Old-Skools Koholint Island



..yes, you read that right. There's several little things that Link's first gameboy outing has in common with the original Zelda, and it was with that concept in mind that I took 2.10's default tileset and pushed it.

     It seems to be a theme with me that I can never make ANYTHING purely in 1st: there's always a color modification or a redrawn sprite... In the case of this quest, several (but not all) palettes were dulled down a bit, giving the game a sort of "minty" feel, like what you'd find playing the original game on a Super Game Boy/Game Boy Player/GBC (not the DX version!) This was done both to go along with the theme of Link's Awakening, and to make the quest just a little easier on the eyes.

     The game retains its story, although the drama doesn't build up quite as much as it should. To make up for this, the final battle sets itself upon a crumbling platform as the sun sets and Koholint slowly fades away. Link, you're a bastard.

     Overall, this quest is kind of a workshop of sorts. Unencoded, it can be played through, or you can do with it as you please in Zquest. It's a sort of Skeleton (Stalfos?) quest. ;)

UPDATE: MaximusFred has gone through the quest for himself and painstakingly removed several of the errors people so graciously discovered. IF YOU GOT THIS QUEST BEFORE, YOU MAY BE ENTITLED TO A CLASS ACTION LAWSU-download it again. This has become not an Old-Skool quest so much as an Old-Skool/MaximusFred quest now.

     " Life in Hyrule had become peaceful once again, following your victory over Ganon. However, the events were not easily forgotten by the people of Hyrule, and the question on everyone's mind was "What next?" It was all they could do to shrug their shoulders, as men knitted their brows and women shook their heads.

     Doubtful of yourself, given how you struggled in your last battle, you decided to leave Hyrule, in search of new skills and enlightenment, so that you might return to Hyrule better prepared to face what troubles might come next.

      After a long and fruitful voyage, you decided to turn sails and head for Hyrule... ...but your homecoming was not to be. A sudden storm rocked your vessel to and fro one stormy night. Try as you might to fight it out, a stray bolt of lightning struck the ship, reducing it to splinters.

      Fighting for your life, in a semi conscious state, you grab a piece of floatsam and rest for just a moment... when you wake up, you are washed ashore on a strange island, with a girl looking over you, who appears to be Princess Zelda. "You're going to be alright", she says, as she runs away to seek help. You look up at the strange island you have washed up on, and are amazed to see there is a gigantic egg sitting upon the highest mountain. What is this place? What is that egg? Unknown to you, the mystery of this island is about to unfold."

               -very very loose excerpt from the Link's Awakening manual, written from memory-

     In other words, find eight triforce pieces and wake the wind fish. Yes, Triforce pieces.

Nintendo: it wasn't the first time a Zelda game had a dark story, but it might have been the first that you couldn't really muscle through.

and the fanbase.

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Quest Name
Simple Link's Awakening/Old-Skools Koholint Island
King Aquamentus
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Simple Link's Awakening/Old-Skools Koholint Island
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