Zelda Classic v2.50.3 -RC 1 | ZeldaClassic.com

Zelda Classic version 2.50.3 – RC1 has been released. Read after the jump to see a change log.

Remember, that release candidates are beta versions with the potential to be a final product, and are only meant for testing purposes.

Critical bugs fixed:

  • Crash when importing combos
  • Crash when loading a sound with a long filename
  • Crash when editing a message
  • Crash when a compile error is too long
  • Crash on Link->Warp() or Link->PitWarp() to an invalid DMap or screen
  • Crash when setting HP or MP to a very high number in the cheat menu
  • Saved games can have invalid icon palettes, causing crashes when displayed
  • Fixed crashing when toggling fullscreen
    • This mainly affects Mac; fullscreen still won’t work (that’s going to take a while), but trying to toggle it shouldn’t crash the game, at least

Other bugs fixed:

  • Enemies above 255 are cleared when importing data from older quests
  • The ladder may be deployed over water when Link should swim instead
  • Arrows’ MP costs are paid even when out of ammo
  • Link slashes repeatedly if MP runs out while charging
  • Half-solid boss lock blocks can’t always be unlocked
  • Tribble enemies’ BG sounds don’t stop when they transform
  • Ganon’s roaring sound doesn’t stop after leaving the room
  • FFCs jump to changers in rare instances
  • A and B may have the same item assigned when starting a game
  • Nayru’s Love projectiles are never deleted
  • The hammer impact graphic appears in the wrong place if Link turns around mid-swing
  • Tiles are sometimes deleted after being moved
  • Magic gauge pieces may draw incorrectly if drain rate is not 1 or 2
  • Editing a string with a numeral after a string control code merges the number into the code
  • Some MP3s restart too soon
  • ZQuest checks which tiles are in use by enemies incorrectly
  • Drawing mode doesn’t change correctly when the button is clicked
  • Undoing mass recoloring may undo multiple operations
  • “(None)” shows up in item lists when it’s not a valid option
  • Item 0 can’t be copied and pasted
  • Scripts don’t initialize properly after quitting via F6->Continue or Save
  • Negative constants are read incorrectly
  • Array initialization and assignment doesn’t work right in some cases

Other significant changes:

  • If a button is mapped to a system or cheat key, it will now function only as game input
    • For instance, if Ex3 is mapped to A, pressing it won’t also refill arrows
  • New level 4 cheat: Link ignores sideview gravity
  • Adjusted the hammer’s reach slightly for backward compatibility
    • Specifically, it can now reach over a half-tile to the left
  • Added a compatibility mode to restore a drawing bug in quests made in older versions
    • This is not a quest rule; it depends entirely on the version the quest was saved in
  • Added a quest rule to control whether statues have a minimum range and shoot double fireballs
  • Game->SetCombo* functions now consistently do nothing on invalid input
  • Game->GetCombo* functions now return -1 on invalid input
  • Link->SetAction(LA_HOPPING) is now ignored
  • In the script assignment window, previously loaded scripts now missing are marked with **
  • Added an option to show invisible items in the subcreen editor
  • Added more options for timed save frequency
  • Moved some script data around to reduce memory usage
  • ZScript pointers are now cached to improve performance
  • Cleaned out some garbage that was showing up in new quests’ scripts
  • ZC now defaults to windowed mode with double buffering on Windows.
  • Clarified the version number in the “About” dialogs