MegaMan Dr. Wilys Revenge - Directors Cut

SubmittedOctober 28, 2004

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MMDWR DC is a very big, diverse and unique quest made for you by an ambitious questmaker. The quest offers fun for over 15 hours: Detailed graphics, great gameplay, nice atmosphere and many interesting "tricks" like custom bosses, cutscenes and events. The quest should have it all. If you get bored to a tough level, go cool down and play some minigames, or skip the whole level and come back when you have to. There are 12 levels to explore, 2 big cities, 3 overworlds, many caves, sewers and much more. Then there are tons of items and upgrades to find too. If you can find everything, you're one heck of a player. And since the quest gets better after every level, beating it will be very rewarding.


The main baddie from many Mega Man games, Dr.Wily, escapes from prison. In his hidout Wily finds out about the existence of an extremely powerful ancient object, the Triforce. Wily wants to get his hands on the Triforce pieces, and he sends his robot army after the pieces. When Wily's attempt fails miserably, he hijacks a big asteroid and makes it head towards the earth. That way he can force MegaMan to do all the dirty work and make him collect the pieces for Wily.

But that's not the whole story, and of course MegaMan and Dr.Light have plans of their own. Thanks to the new cutscnene and text additions there's now much more into the story than the basic "save the world from a madman".


Finish the quest to see the ending credits.

Hints and/or Cheats

There are no cheat codes, but be sure to check out the MMDWR DC Readme file for tips and tricks.

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