Legend of Ganon

SubmittedSeptember 10, 2011

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An alternate form of Legend of Zelda. Fun


In the midst of calm after GAnon's supposed death, a kingdom outside of Hyrule handed down a legend from generation to generation, the legend of the "One of time," a mon with power like no other. In an attempt to recapture his dignity, Ganondorf gathered his troops and attempted an attack on Zelda by sea. He was swiftly faced with the great multitude of troops under Zelda's control. Fearing capture, Ganondorf split the stolen Triforce of power into 8 pieces and hid them throughout the realm to save his minions from certain death from Zelda. At the same time, he commanded his most trusted soldier, Dark Link, to secretly escape into the land and find the Triforce of Power and kill Link upon sight. Braving forests and mountains, Dark Link set off in search of the Triforce of Power. At the point of exasperation, Dark Link finally found the first hiding place when he was cornered by Zelda's soldiers. He skillfully disposed of the soldiers and retrieved a rubie for his troubles. He was about to turn to go into the dungeon when a voice called out "For the Zoras!" It was a Link impersonater dressed up in a blue tunic or something. Dark Link drove him away, retrieved the piece of Triforce and burnt the hiding place down.


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