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SubmittedSeptember 26, 2011

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The quest was made in homage to the original Zelda. It plays and feels similar in every regards. However Zelda Classic allowed for the creation of larger dungeons so don't be surprised if most dungeons seem larger than Zelda 1.


The Land of Twitch was once a peaceful land until Ganon invaded.
Ganon wanted to get at the source of his problems once and for all and realized it wasn't Link that kept defeating him, but the gamers.
Ganon stormed across the land of Twitch sealing them in Crystals.
Zelda soon caught wind of Ganon's deeds and rushed off for Twitch.
Unfortunately Zelda's power alone was not able to defeat Ganon. With the capture of Zelda, Link found himself in the strange land of
Twitch. Unfortunately Link's previous equipment was lost in transit.

Meanwhile behind the shadows Ganon's power was growing stronger and stronger. Ganon had a meeting to attend to with someone that was stating they had a common goal. The mysterious man said they had come to the same conclusion that the gamers were a threat to the super villains survival. Can Link Save Zelda from Ganon's evil clutches?



All three played through and did some testing for me and also gave me some new ideas for the quest.

Hints and/or Cheats

Cheat levels 1 through 3 are hidden across the over world.

Hopefully you are somewhat familiar with the 2nd quest of the original Zelda. As the whistle is used much in the same ways as it was in the 2nd Quest. Otherwise check every bush, rock, wall etc.

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