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SubmittedSeptember 1, 2012

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So a few months back, Blaman hosted a three week quest contest over at Pure ZC. I pulled together a little game called Light of the Heavens (not released here), which, despite being hastily made, was met with pretty good reception. It had a good premise, plot, design, etc. In short, people liked it. But due to it's short creation time, it seemed empty at parts, was riddled with various bugs, and so forth. I couldn't look at it without cringing at all the potential in there I was unable to use. So after a few months, I decided I would remake it from the ground up, doing whatever I saw to improve it. Now, four or five months later, here is Light of the Heavens DX, a complete reinvisionment of the original. New features: Better graphics! As much as I love the old Pure set, the new look and feel DoR has given the game is amazing. New story! The original story was definitely good, but it seemed empty at parts, and lacking in detail and explanation. So I set out to take the story and use it as the skeleton for something much more immense and captivation. Players of the original will remember the surprising plot twist at the end about Lux. The plot twist, and the character of Lux, have both been completely removed. A good plot twist is only good once. In his place, I have introduced new main characters, as well as upgraded generic NPCs into fully-fleshed characters. And with the plot twists in store, you'll be left guessing. New Endings! The original's mediocre two-ending system has been replaced with a new FOUR ending system, with a much more intuitive and story-related method of progression. The actions you take, specifically those affecting a certain new character, will influence the ending much more so than the bombable wall from the original. Not to say that wall isn't still there. New Layouts! Palm Island has been highly edited (mainly near the top), and the Heavens and Tidal Sanctum have been completely redone. New Areas! Including two (or three, depending on how you count them) bonus levels! AND MORE! Returning Features: Three mandatory levels, each with a custom boss; plus one final mini-level with a complicated final boss. Secrets everywhere! Exploration is a good thing; look carefully, and you never know what you'll find. You start with the raft, boomerang, bow and arrow, and four bombs, plus the sword. No need rushing into things unarmed. Tons of scripts, for your gameplay pleasure. And much more!

Update: It's long overdue, but the quest has now been updated to match the version at PureZC's database. These changes include:
* Huge graphical updates to the top of Palm Island.
* Lots of bug fixes.
* Hydra has been made easier, due to popular demand.
* The level 2 sword can now be obtained at night as well as in the evening.
* Stallord has been made easier. In addition, an extra phase has been added to the fight.
* A certain annoying bug with Lucis has been fixed.
* A few cutscenes have been modified slightly.


The heroic savior, willing to risk life and limb to help. The shipwrecked girl, mysteriously seeking after some hidden desire. The devilish villain, hiding an enigmatic past. And the glorious power that will intertwine their fates.... Lost at sea, Link is forced to seek shelter from a storm on a small island. What he finds there horrifies him. A mysterious villain gives the island's leader one simple demand for him and the rest of the people: Be gone by dawn tomorrow, or die. Determined to help at any cost, Link sets out on a search to find some way to defeat this horrible madman. And in doing this, he meets a mysterious young girl with a troubled past, who seems to know much more about the island's secrets then she should. With this, Link is catapulted into a mad 24 hour search for the truth, searching for the answers to the island, and the mysterious race of people that once inhabited it. Who are they? Why did they leave? Who is this strange girl? Why is this villain trying to destroy everybody on the island? And most importantly, how can he be stopped? With four surprising endings, and plot twists you won't want to miss, Light of the Heavens DX is a nonstop thrill ride from stop to finish.


Blaman(SpacemanDan), for hosting the contest that set this entire bizarre chain of events into motion. All the fans of the original who urged me to make a DX version. VGMusic, JohnStacy, Purplemandown, and Dan Furst for the music. Radien, for the DoR tileset. Spriter's Resource, for some of the other misc. graphics. Alestance and The Satellite, for various audio/visual suggestions and comments on screen design. My two best friends, for support and beta testing. Silly Cat, for misc. things and live beta testing, which was both helpful and amusing. Moosh, for post-release criticism. Nintendo, for making Zelda in the first place. And finally, you, for playing the game. (If you belong on the list, but I forgot to put you on, please contact me so I can give you proper credit).

Hints and/or Cheats

EXPLORE! Seriously. Most optional items can only be found at a certain time of day, so make sure to explore A LOT between each level.
The potion is good for four uses, so don't underestimate its worth.
EXPLORE! Yes, I'm saying it again. The only way to get the best ending is to explore a lot. So explore.
You'll be given a potion every time you die during the last boss fight, and multiple times during the fight. Don't be afraid to use it.
EXPLORE! Yeah, you get the point now.
If you want to get the best ending, explore before you enter level 1, and make sure you find a character who tells you to meet him/her there.

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