King Quest the 2nd

SubmittedNovember 12, 2012

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Essentially a Second Quest version of the original King Quest. Here are the changes I've made:

-Each dungeon is brand-new, and has its own music (instead of the two or three from the original game). The music is from well-known & not-so-well-known games. Try to guess which games they came from.

-Players start with full life now. I thought that having to leave a dungeon just to refill your hearts got annoying.

-The overworld has slightly changed. Some screens have more enemies, while other screens have changed almost entirely.

-Some items are removed, while new ones make an appearance.


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Hints and/or Cheats

-Always have a potion handy!

-You can get a lot of money in the game if you search well. You will need a large amount of rupees late in the game, so be careful how you spend them.

-If you found the secret dungeon in King Quest 1, don't bother looking for one in King Quest 2.

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