Link's Birthday Deluxe

SubmittedNovember 12, 2012

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Link's Birthday Deluxe, a complete remake of my successful quest, Link's Birthday, released nearly two years ago.
This quest features 12 dungeons (3 of them are optional) and 1 full overworld.
You can get all weapons except for the Golden Arrow, Golden Ring, Boots and the Magic Key.
Don't expect this quest to be a close lookalike of LB, some areas and dungeons have been completely renewed and there are tons of new additions to it, like secret items and the credits.


Link turned 18, that's the age when someone is allowed to enter the Triforce Temple and ask the Triforce to grant them a wish. But it seems Zelda and the Triforce both are both missing. The Triforce has split in 8 pieces and it's up to Link to save the (birth)day.


Hero Link. Darkflamewolf, Xenafan8304, Masterlink3000, Ben, Codelinker

Radien, NoeL, BH4, PolygonX8, Teilyr, Raptorscyther, Dart Zaidyer.
Everyone who worked on the Pure Tilesets.
Anyone I forgot!

Hints and/or Cheats

Revisit the floating islands after getting the hookshot, hammer and 2nd bracelet.

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