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SubmittedNovember 12, 2012

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I got emailed about some mess ups in the game so I fix them Ive been out for a while so It took me sometime to get this back up.


MegaMan Turbo Drive, the latest version of the Megaman Hero. It's years into the future and he now protects what's left of the land but Zero lets Megaman know that he has a foe after him, and sent minions to find him. Zero fears that these minions might destroy what's left, so he sends Megaman to deal with this villian from the past. Megaman must now travel with the help of his assistant and protector in training (BugMan). He must get to the mountain where this "foe" lies at and stop his minions from destroying what's left of this land. Can this minion truly posses what it takes to make his own army, or is there more behind this enemy?


PolygonX8 for sharing his metroid tiles to put more feel of future in this game in the dugeons. Missiles, pipes, ect...

Ace whos the only person I can depend on in real life,

PureZC for letting me post my quest here for you to try out.

You for giving my quest a chance to play it and enjoy it.

And me for making it.

Hints and/or Cheats

Tips: Don't rely on one weapon. I made sure that you have to use all of your weapons a lot in this game in different ways, from fighting a foe with a weakness, to getting to the next erea.

To progress in the game is easy, it's hard to get lost or puzzled. The true secret is finding the items that make your journey easier, such as the shield shield, rings and so on. Some of these items are hidden in levels and some are just given to you.

You also get all 24 hearts, so you must find these in the overworld and in the stages, so keep a sharp eye for weird ground or walls that don't seem to match with other ones.

Note: Some colors are messed up purposely because you can either walk through this wall or it has some secret to it.

Another tip: Things in this game are practically free, so when you find zero make sure to get the free red potions and go back for refills too.

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