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7 February 2008 - Haven't been active with ZC for a while because I started using Mac. I just downloaded my quest to play it for old times sake and it is a lot more buggy than I thought! I swear I fixed the first palace warp and I do not remember putting two petras in the first dungeon! I stopped after they killed me... Anyway, my apologies if I have wasted your time, I thought I had this quest much better done, considering I played through it 5 times before submission to sort it all out.

This is my first quest, and I hope you enjoy it. I've tested it but I might have missed some bugs so please feel free to Email any comments or suggestions for my future quests to I had five pictures of my quest, but I now my computer can't read from that disc anymore, so I'm sorry there are no pictures.


After Link saved Hyrule from the evil grasp of Ganon the kingdom of Hyrule prospered as a major center of trade. Three other kingdoms called Tenn, Montar, and Frellan arose around Hyrule, as a result of its expansion. Link put his weapons in the royal armory, because he had no need for them any longer, and the Triforce was placed in the throne room and heavily guarded. Link moved to the kingdom of Tenn and began to raise a family. But one fateful day Link was killed by a group of angry moblins; not even his great skill could save him. For over 10 years Hyrule reigned as the largest kingdom in the world, but the remaining band of Ganon's army sought tirelessly to revive their once great leader. After 11 long years they finally suceeded. Ganon easily retook the Triforce in the absense of Link and brought Hyrule to its knees. 9 years later Ganon grew angry because even though he destroyed Hyrule, the three daughter kingdoms still prospered, so he sought to capture and destroy them as well. He began by kidnapping the princess Julie of Frellan. Then Ganon created strong-holds (in each Ganon put Link's weapons to keep them from any adventurous soul) in each of the kingdoms and sent his armies out to destroy the land. Now it is up to Link's son, also named Link, to gather his father's weapons and destroy Ganon in the Dead Land.

Hints and/or Cheats

Listen to what the people say; many of them will give you hints and advice. If you get really stuck and can't find a key, or you lose your shield to a like-like, there is a special shop on a special island where you can buy them.

(WARNING! Do not read if you want to find the dungeons yourself!!!)

Because there are three overworlds I'll tell you where all of the dungeons are.

1-Bottom left in Tenn
2-Bottom right in Tenn
3-Upper left in Tenn
4-Upper left in the Dead Land
5-Upper left of Montar
6-Upper right of Montar
7-Upper right of Frellan (a whistle warp)
8-Middle of Montar
9-In the heart of Hyrule (Dead Land) castle

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