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SubmittedNovember 14, 2012

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This is a quest made from the original NES Zelda 1 except with changes.
The overworld is almost the same as the NES and new items are added and the dungeons are in their 2nd Quest colours with everything in them completely changed. (and yes, the ZC enemies are also added in this).

I have actually used a different Tileset this time instead of the Classic one (the tileset is Zero Set by the way).

I really hope you enjoy this quest as much as you like Fawful's Kingdom.

Feel free to rip any music from me if you like. I really don't mind. The quest doesnt need to password to see in the editor so you can easily view anything you missed if you aren't bothered to go through the whole thing to see it.

Level-0 isn't in Zelda 1 but I just included it because I wanted to.

UPDATE 1 (7/11/11)
Fixed 2 errors in the overworld with Burn Flags.
Made a room in Level 3 possible to continue through.


OldSkool for the Zero Set Tileset

Joel23911 (my brother) for ideas.

ZC for the editor.

VGmusic for the midi's.

And of course, Nintendo for Zelda.

Hints and/or Cheats

Bomb or walkthrough most walls in dungeons!
Remember the original locations of hidden secrets from Zelda 1!
Explore every area in the overworld or a dungeon just in case if you miss any good items!
Go to Level-0 also for a special item you will really want.

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