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SubmittedNovember 14, 2012

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My first quest. Yeah, I hadn't been planning to submit it. I changed my mind.
A small, simple quest. One 8x8 overworld. Five main levels, mostly not too big. One multipartite extra level.

Update: Fixed a few minor graphical errors. Minor tweaks.

Update 2: Seems the first update introduced a bug that made the quest almost impossible to finish. That's fixed now. Also, added a few more screenshots.


Zelda needs to be rescued from Ganon. She's been kidnapped, one assumes.
Hey, I'm not gonna waste the good stories on my first quest.


All the creators of the Pure Tileset.
Warlock, PrinceMSC, and Nick for the Link tiles.
Noir, Radien, and Nick for floor border tiles.
Sharon Daniel for pointing out a typo in the original version.

Hints and/or Cheats

Bring a pen and paper to level 5.
This is obviously not the cheat code.
The lens icon is supposed to be a stylized eye. You would do well to remember it; it shows up a lot.
If you're looking for a super bomb, try to find a hidden room in one of the levels. There are a couple of clues as to where, but they're very subtle.
You can do the first three levels in any order, and level 4 as soon as you get the flippers. They get harder fast, though.

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