An Ordinary Quest

SubmittedNovember 14, 2012

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A long time ago... One man decided to make a Quest. This was that quest.

Well my first quest. (Well... that's a lie, I made two before this. they sucked. A lot.) Doesn't really do anything creative with the system. Anyway This Quest has a 8 X 16 overworld, 9 Dungeons, and a total of 52 Heart Pieces. Two in each overworld section (And two in a mini-dungeon that's required to go through) and 4 in every Dungeon. (Except for the last one)

Isn't passworded so if you get stuck you can just cheat.

UPDATE: Fixed Something in Level 9

UPDATE 2: Added Screenshots.


Ganon has kidnapped Zelda, Link must save her. Most creative story EVER.


Credit to me for making this quest. Also credit to BikdipOnABus aka 'Jish' for a couple of stolen errr... borrowed ideas for Dungeons.

Hints and/or Cheats

Get the White Sword and Blue Ring as soon as possible. They make the quest SO much easier.

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