An Ordinary Quest 2: The Ordinarying

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Well. Here we are. Made by a 1000 Monkeys at a thousand typewriters. (Or a Guy sitting at his Computer. Either Ooe really.) The long awaited (Yeah right.) Sequel to my first Quest is here. This Quest took a lot of effort from me and is probably the most time consuming thing I've made in my 16 years on this Earth.

This Quest has:

9 Full Levels and 4 Mini Levels. They also have variety. Ranging From a Forest to a Factory to a Glitch World. And many (Okay. six.) More.
A modified, familiar (If you played An Ordinary Quest.) Overworld.
15 Custom Bosses.
52 Heart Pieces. 2 in each Overworld section. (And two in a Mini Level.) and 4 in each Dungeon.


Ganon kidnapped Zelda (Again. She kind of sucks with the whole 'not getting kidnapped' thing.) and you need the 8 Triforce Pieces to rescue her. Riveting, isn't it?


All Credit are in the Credits in the Quest.

Hints and/or Cheats

Cut Grass in the Level 2 area until you have enough Money to buy the White Sword. It's boring but SO useful.

There's a hidden Blue Potion very close to Level 3. Kill enemies to find it.

You can buy Potions in the Level 6 Overworld Area. Always have two around with you. This Quest is quite difficult.

I think I went a little overboard in regards to the difficulty in Level 1. The Quest gets easier afterward though.

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