Bikdip's Adventure 2: Electric Boogaloo

SubmittedNovember 14, 2012

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The long-awaited (at least by me) and often-delayed sequel of Bikdip's Adventure is finally completed! Please don't let the crappiness of the first quest deter you from trying this one out. It was my first quest, and I didn't really know what I was getting into. This one is infinitely better in all aspects. It features all of the following:

* 9 Complete Levels, each with a distinct theme - some standard dungeon, some sidescrolling, and some "other"
* Cutscenes to progress the plot - they don't appear until after Level 6, but there are several of them at the end
* Connectivity with the first Bikdip's Adventure
* A noteworthy plot with several twists along the way
* A Bonus Level that you can unlock on the title screen
* Lots of hidden secrets
* And it was (mostly) made in the primitive ZC 1.90! I made the decision early on to make the quest in 1.90 because I wanted to prove that even with old software, games can still be made interesting and fun to play. It's just like how the original Zelda (and other NES games) could be great even with limited technology. However, due to technical difficulties, the quest had to be split into two segments. After beating the first, you will find a url that tells you where to get the second. The second part is to be played in 1.92 b 183 if possible.

Please don't judge the whole quest by the beginning. It was made three years ago and may not feature all the interesting tricks and such that are in the later parts of the quest. That is not to say it starts out badly, or boring, but keep in mind it gets better. Also refrain from rating the quest until you get through most or all of it, and don't rate it a 0 because you hated a certain, small part of it. That isn't fair.

This quest is best played in 1.90. I strongly suggest you play it with that version unless your computer absolutely cannot run it. If that is the case, 1.92 is bearable. 2.10 is completely out of the question. You will encounter SEVERE bugs if you use 2.10. For later beta and alpha versions, use them at your own risk - I have not tested any.

A lengthy readme included in the download should answer most of your questions. I suggest that you read it, or at least skim through most of it. If you want specific information about how the different ZC versions run the quest, need help with a level or the game in general, want to know where an item is, or just read about the quest's history, the readme is your friend.

The contents of the ZIP file are as follows:
* BA2_EB.qst - the quest itself
* BA2.sav - a .sav file with BA1 beaten for those who didn't / don't want to play that quest. Rename your current SAV file to something else, then rename this one "zelda.sav" to use it without overwriting your old one.
* The readme file - should be viewed in Notepad.


The main character of this game is named Bargo, and he is a Bikdip, which is basically a three-eyed happy face.

Before the first Bikdip's Adventure, he was on a journey with some other Strange Creatures when he suddenly appeared in this new world. He had no idea what was going on other than a few strange thoughts he suddenly had. "Collect the Triforce Pieces ... Save Zelda ... Defeat Ganon..." He didn't know what any of this meant, but he traveled through the world, solving puzzles and killing monsters, completing all three of those things. This world was at peace and he could return home, right?

Wrong. Ganon had miraculously managed to survive. He used the last of his power to knock out Bargo, freeze Zelda to the spot, and scatter the pieces of the Triforce once again. Completely weakened, he stole all of Bargo's possessions and went into hiding.

Bargo awoke, still next to Zelda at the end of the final dungeon. He knows that if he ever wants to get home, he has to revive Zelda. So now his quest picks up where it left off, and he must find all the Triforce Pieces again and defeat Ganon for good.

Following Level 6, you will view a cutscene that unveils Ganon's schemes. He is slowly making a triumphant return, and a new villain is introduced. Your overall goal in the quest will be quite different from then on. From there, the plot advances even further, most notably in the last level. You'll have to play the quest to find out what happens.


Me, Jish, for creating the bulk of the quest
My friend, Green Lantern, for assisting me with much of the quest - specifically, creating large chunks of Levels 7-9, making a few cutscenes, providing advice, and other general work. and various Midi composers for the music in the quest
PureZC, obviously, for hosting this

And more... beat the game to see the full credits

Hints and/or Cheats

The readme covers this pretty well. Please consult it for tips and hints.

There is a Level 1 Cheat hidden in the quest. If you find it, you can use it in the last level or throughout the whole quest if you ever play it again.

There is also a complex series of secrets stemming from the Bonus Level. If you finish the game 100%, you will be rewarded for your efforts. (Getting 100% does not necessarily mean finding all the Heart Pieces, or even the cheat code)

Level 5 is a large maze. It is possible to view the in-game map there, but some versions of ZC will crash if you open the map twice in one playthrough. Because of this, you may want to create your own map out of screenshots while playing it.

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