Boots of Destiny

SubmittedNovember 14, 2012

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This is a revision of an old quest that I made, but never posted.
There are 10 dungeons, Including Ganon's Pyramid.
Also 1 temple. Where the new powers are found.
Cheat code for level 4 is included upon completion of the quest!
(Woe to you text-dumpers who cheat to find codes early.) 🙂

This quest is not designed to be difficult. It is designed to be a good quest to play.

Ganon's Pyramid is a challenge, but if you've
found the red ring, and the master sword, it shouldn't be too difficult.

The big change in this update is that I've added a hint room into the arrow dungeon.
The arrow dungeon has a room/puzzle that a few people had trouble with. This makes the solution easier to discover!


Link, Hyrule is in trouble. The world to the west is covered in hot lava sands. You must find the Boots of Destiny, and save Hyrule from the tyranny of Ganon the evil .... whatever he is....


If you'd like to collaborate on a quest, email me!
If you've enjoyed this quests, email me!

Thanks to the authors of these midi's! They helped to enhance the flavor of this quest.
Oath of Peace - Espilan
Joyful Village C -Gamelink7
Cave of Infinity- Gerudo
Harps of Gaia- rexlaninetales
Eve of Sorrow- Solarrain4

Thanks also to the creators of the Pure Tileset.
Great Job! You rejuvinated my desire to do quests,
because the tileset was so inspiring! Thank You.

Don't forget to try the other available quests!

Kings Road
100yrs later

Hints and/or Cheats

I have included a hint sheet. It is not a complete walkthrough,
but it does tell you where each treasure can be found.
Level 1- Exit village. (Use Super bomb to remove large boulder.
Go N 1x, E 4x. N 1x, W 2x. Use sword to break the fangs blocking your way.
Treasures- Bracelet 1, Meat.
Boss Key- W of boss door. Must have Bracelet. Push Rock, go in.

So you do get a specific help on a boss key, that you cannot cheat to get.
But the other treasures, you'll need to find on your own.
If you don't want the hints, don't look. 🙂 (Yeah, right)

WARNING: Some items are for sale that you can find for free later in the game.
This was done so that you could win an item earlier in the game if you wanted to.
It also serves to help if you are stuck! So don't buy every item you see!

Do take a piece of meat into every dungeon! (Most dungeons replace the meat, as you can find
another piece before leaving....

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