The Legend of Zelda the Forgotten Land

SubmittedNovember 15, 2012

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Well, what can I say? It took me about 3 and a half months on this and its my first ever quest. It's quite big for a first quest (9 dungeons, 3 overworlds, 24 heart containers, 1 extra dungeon, more than I can count bomb upgrades and lots of hidden money). I learned while making it so from the 1st to the 3rd dungeon its pretty basic Zelda stuff. After that is where the game really takes off. I used the original Zelda graphics because I didn't want anything flashy for a first game. But don't let that blind your judgment. If you have criticism, only post it if it's constructive and you have gotten past level 5.(That's where the game really shines). Mostly bug free. You can finish the game of course but there aren't any big bugs that will stop you. (Tested by my brother)Music is my choice so if you don't like it sorry. Overall, It's my first game( of many more to come) and have a blast! Oh make sure to try every wall for a walkthrough or bombable.

Update: FIXED the continue bug in Level 2 and the puzzle bug in Level 6


Well Ganon has attacked the land of Ancient Hyrule and the King of New Hyrule has sent you to set him straight.( pretty basic)


My brother for testing!(your awesome) Me for making the game, and Nintendo for Zelda.

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Always,always try to bomb and walk through walls! If you don't, you might miss important stuff.

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