The Legend of Zelda: Flow of Time

SubmittedNovember 15, 2012

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This is my first quest and it took me several years to complete. I was heavily inspired by the Oracle of Ages / Seasons for this game.

The game features two complete overworlds (one in past and present) as well as several connecting areas. There are 9 main dungeons each with its own unique theme as well as 3 optional, but recommended, dungeons known as the Dungeons of Trials. There are numerous secrets in the game.

This quest was built in version 2.10 and played and tested in 2.10.2. I have had the game tested and I also played through it twice, so hopefully there are no game-stopping errors, but if there is, just let me know and I will fix it asap.

I hope the community enjoys my first quest. 🙂

Update: 3/26/11
- Reduced the prices on info guys and in shops.
- Made it possible to move blocks in West Shrine without killing enemies.
- Certain trees weren't solid.
- Moved Gibdo spawns during Level 3's boss.

Update: 3/27/11
- Fixed an error that made it impossible to find Level 7.

Update: 4/13/11
- Fixed the issues involving Whistle -> Stair waterwalking.
- Small fix to Glyco Woods to make the secrets more uniform.
- Changed Level 7's boss
- Fixed a few minor issues in Glyco Village, The Tower of Time and North Shrine.


The sacred Triforce governs the world. Whomever holds the Triforce, is granted their wish, whether good or evil. The evil king Ganon has captured the Oracle of Time, Aurelia, and used her power to bring chaos to Glyco. Only a descendant of the royal bloodline, a lowly boy in Glyco Village, can put a stop to Ganon's evil deeds and save the Oracle of Time.



Oran Gemeo

Espilan - "Five Sides to Everything"

Akkabus - EZGBZ Tileset
Me - A few added tiles

Special Thanks:

Hints and/or Cheats

* Be sure to jot down any maze paths you discover.
* Walk-through walls and Bomb walls are not common! If there is a need to inspect a wall further beyond what you can see, there will be a clue to do so. Level 7 is somewhat of an exception.
* Darknuts can be very challenging early on! The hookshot can stun them from the front at close range or from behind.
* Raft branches are often indicated by the terrain! If you seem to be going in circles in the swamp and ocean, consult the terrain. Don't forget that you can press and hold the direction you wish to travel in.

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