The Legend of Zelda: Storm of Chaos

SubmittedNovember 15, 2012

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My first quest, made long before i even joined PureZC. In this quest, Link has to do the usual overworld-exploring, item-gathering, dungeon-exploring and enemy-killing in order to find a way to reach Vaati's palace, resting high in the sky.

UPDATE1: I killed a few bugs and added a shop.
UPDATE2: Another bugfix.
UPDATE3: The best update yet! A bugfix plus the following:
- 1 Secret dungeon
- New MIDIs in some places
- 1 new custom boss
- 2 new items to find 😉


After the defeat of Ganon and Vaati, the people of Hyrule thought they were safe. But, they were quite wrong... Vaati broke free of his imprisonment inside the Four Sword! With a new tower on top of Death Mountain and a palace floating high in the sky, Vaati makes new plans. He tries to put Hyrule into an endless storm....The storm of CHAOS!


-Me: for making the quest
-Bikdiponabus(from Youtube(creator of Bikdips adventure 1 and 2)): for his video tutorial on youtube.
-PureZC: for hosting my quest.
-Nintendo: for creating the legend of zelda and most of the music used in my quest.

Hints and/or Cheats

No cheat codes.

Read the Readme file. it contains a list of enemies, tips on the best uses of weapons and preparations for what you might encounter in the lair of the dungeon boss.

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