The Legend of Zelda: the God of Power

SubmittedNovember 15, 2012

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I started building this quest in February of 2009 in 1.92 but moved it up to 2.10. In May 2009, I stopped working on it, until July 2010 when I began again. The tileset used was a very strange choice. You may recognize this from PolygonX8's (Exate) "A Link to the Darkness 5". Why I ever chose that tileset I don't know. This quest was initially a test of day to night transitions but it transformed quite quickly. A majority of this quest was worked on when I was 15. At the time I wasn't too mature, so some dialogue may seem cheesy, if not all of it. But that's what I think is the best part. The dialogue is like something you'd get out of an early 90's RPG...But this quest was my attempt to make a Zquest with a decent story, and show you players to not care so much about a great tileset. I do know how to do just about everything in Zquest, which you may not see right away. But I think this is one of those quests you should take a look at and try before you see a screenshot and say "pass". I was inspired a lot by Illusion of Gaia, the way heart pieces are obtained are like the red jewels. If you don't get a heart piece at a certain time, you'll never be able to get it again. So it keeps you checking areas if you want them all. There isn't tons of exploration, just like there isn't in Illusion of Gaia. Speaking of which, after I finished almost all of the quest, I played Terranigma and noticed some resemblances in the story... kind of. But anyway, enjoy if you choose to try this.


Once upon a time, a boy named Link was born in the kingdom of Hyrule. He grew up with his parents in Kakariko Village. They were explorers, and would take link exploring often. Some locations were dangerous, but it didn't bother them. Link would sometimes worry in his childhood where they would go, and if they were safe. In the spare time, Link would stay with his grandfather who would often take Link around caves, as he had a love for them. Link had a happy childhood, but things took a turn for the worse at the age of eleven. His parents disappeared, and many villagers rumored them to be dead. No one knew for sure. Link and his grandfather were not able to live in Kakariko Village anymore, they were too poor, and didn't want the townspeople talking about the incident, so they stayed in a cave north of the village. At the age of thirteen, it was announced that princess Zelda of Hyrule Castle was kidnapped. Link always felt after his parents left, there was nothing for him anymore, he couldn't live the same again. So he set out to rescue this princess, not caring the dangers that might face him. But what is he really getting himself into...?


VGMusic, Exate, and JPappi

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Get the magic shield AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You only have a few opportunities to get it and you need to keep it as long as you can.

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