The Legend of Zelda: the Meaning of Christmas

SubmittedNovember 15, 2012

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"The Legend of Zelda: The Meaning of Christmas" is a Holiday-Themed Mini-Quest that I built for a contest held in the forums. It contains many gameplay elements from my upcoming quest Eternal Winter, so if you liked the demo for that, play this. Likewise, if you like this, play that demo.

The Tileset is a heavily modified Classic Set - the Overworld uses a Custom CSet and Custom Tiles to make a "Snowy" atmosphere, and dungeons include LttP Lava.

This quest has 4 Dungeons, starting easy and progressing in difficulty, where the fourth dungeon is very challenging. This quest should provide 2 or more hours of solid gameplay for any person who wants to play a quest, but doesn't have the time commitment for "Hero of Dreams" or any of the big-shot quests.

This quest has a solid musical score, if I do say so myself. Fitting sound gives the dungeons a good mood. No need to play with your speakers off.

So now, 2 weeks in development, I give to you "The Legend of Zelda: The Meaning of Christmas."


Ganon has kidnapped Santa Clause - Link must get the Three Keys of Christmas and take down Ganon to get Santa back, or there won't be a Christmas!


Russadwan - Support and Intended Beta Testing. 🙂
Evile - Santa Clause Sprite
People of 1337 D3s1gn P4d for hosting the contest that motivated me.

Hints and/or Cheats

There is no Level 4 cheat code in this game. However, if you really are a cheater, the level 3 code is "igiveup." 🙂

Visit the Heart Cave once after every dungeon, and once at the beginning of the game. Every time you beat a dungeon, a new heart is accessible to you there. Also, every time you beat a dungeon, another heart in the overworld will be available to you. There are 14 total.

If you need help, you can ask me on the forums.

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