Fight the Monsters II

SubmittedAugust 17, 2013

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Here are facts about this quest, wich you should read before playing!!
- This quest is only about fighting enemies, so if thats not for you, go away ;D
- You can choose between German and English.
- At the beginning you can choose one out of seven characters.
- Those are Hero, Druid, Mage, Blocker, Berserc, Warlock, Ninja and theres one secret character you dont know.
- Press the MAP button to return to the character selection menu!!! <- Good to know
- There 6 levels and a final level.
- If you loose all your HP (hearts), you die. Then you have to restart the level.
- EVERY character has a sword and a magic wand. The magic wand uses MP (mana points).
- EVERY character can slash.
- EVERY character also has a chance to land a critical hit, wich is only for the sword attacks not the magical attacks.
- No diagonal movement, this time!!
- You can save whenever you want. And you should, if you take a break from the quest. When you finish the quest with one character you get a medal for that character. When you have all medals, you have finished the quest 100%!

The Zip file also contains the important character table, where you can see the stats of all characters, like MP, HP, Magical Power, Sword Power, Movement, and more.

The characters:

-Hero- Difficulty: Easy
This is the character from the screenshot . As you can see he has lots of HP but is lacking MP and magical power. His strenght is close combat, as he can deal great damage with his sword.

-Druid- Diffictulty: Normal
A very balanced character, although his sword attacks are not the best. His great advantage lies in its special ability \"Natural Regeneration\", wich slowly increases his HP, permanently.

-Mage- Difficulty: Normal
While his sword attacks are really weak, his magical power is incredible! This character\'s strenght is ranged combat, using his magic wand he can beat all his enemies. His ability \"Recovery of Spirit\" slowly refills his MP, permanently.

-Blocker- Difficulty: Normal
This mysterious character has lots of power, his sword attacks are almost as strong as the Hero\'s sword attacks. His magical attacks however, don\'t do any damage! Instead they block the enemie\'s movement for a short amount of time (he stuns enemies). Also, he is one of the few characters who have a shield.

-Berserc- Difficulty: Normal
Another very balanced character, with a great ability. You can press L to turn on the \"Berserc-Mode\", and R to turn it off. In Berserc-Mode, your sword deals doubled damage!!, but you will instantly die if you get hit in this mode, so it\'s a great risk. You have to think about when you use it, and when you don\'t.

-Warlock- Difficulty: Hard
The HP and MP of the Warlock are pretty low. However, the Warlock has a helpful special ability, the \"Heart-Mana Transfer\". By pressing L or R, he can use this ability to turn 1 MP into 1 HP to heal himself, or to sacrifice 1 HP to get 1 MP at will, so he can do more magical attacks.

-Ninja- Difficulty: Hard
This character can run faster than all others! It is easy for him, to dodge all dangers. He also has a high chance of landing a critical hit with his sword, even though the damage bonus is not very high.




Mr. Z for the graphics.
Espilan for the music.
PureZC for hosting my quest.
Members of PureZC for helping me with my scripts.
And me for the quest itself, 😀

Hints and/or Cheats

1) If you accidently select a wrong character in the character selection menu or want to play another character, the MAP button will always bring you right back to the character menu. You will start from level 1 again.

2) Never forget to save when you stop playing! You can save whenever you want and when you beat the quest with all 7 characters, the 8. character will be unlocked. Complete the quest with him and you have 100% finished Fight the Monsters II.

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