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SubmittedAugust 17, 2013

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Another little something I made while I was boring..
It\'s the Block Smasher, and it\'s based off an old dos game!! Can you beat all 80 Levels??

Instructions for playing:

In this quest there is a little ball that moves up and down automatically and you can control it left and right by pressing the left and right buttons. Smash all blocks to win a Level, though your ball has to be the same color of the block you want to smash. Each block gives gives you 10 points and when you finished a Level, the time bonus will be added to your score. Come here and post the highest score you could get!

Instructions for editing:

Do whatever you want with the questfile, it\'s unpassworded. Want to make your own Levels? Go ahead. Feel like the game\'s too hard for you to enjoy and want to make it super easy? Go ahead. Nobody will stop you. When editing your Levels, be sure to always place one ball, only up to 10 enemies per Level and never remove the outer ring of wall blocks.


Think up your own, while playing 😀


Nintendo, for being awesome.
PureZC, for hosting
VGMusic, for DK music.
Moosh and jetbox, for offering good suggestions.
Creators of the original game idea.
Avataro ;D

Hints and/or Cheats

Try to get used to the gameplay style, learn the controls and how everything works. 😉
The game starts out very easy and gets harder as you progress.

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