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SubmittedJune 28, 2014

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This quest uses the original overworld map from The Legend of Zelda (original 8-bit NES). It is designed to be a \"new 3rd quest\" for classic Zelda lovers to enjoy. While the overworld map is the exact same as the first two original quests, all dungeons and secrets have been re-hidden throughout Hyrule. I tried to stay as true to the original game as possible! Download this game and you\'ll feel like you\'re back in 1987, enjoying the original NES all over again! The degree of difficulty is moderate, and it is designed for the experienced Zelda player.


Ganon has returned with his evil forces, somehow capturing Zelda yet again (how does she keep getting captured?!). Find the eight pieces of the triforce, and do your best to save the princess of Hyrule!


Brandon, Woozhy, and my wife!

Hints and/or Cheats

Always be prepared when entering dungeons! Classic Zelda design/rules apply.

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