Freedom in Chains

SubmittedDecember 20, 2016

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Freedom in Chains is my attempt to make a sideview quest and not have it suck. My secondary objective was to not have it be as ambitious and mentally taxing as In the Lost Kingdom of the Banana Blood God by making it a significantly shorter quest. It's certainly shorter, but I think it's safe to say from my mental state right now that I've failed at least one out of two goals. I'll leave it to you to decide if I succeeded at the first.

The quest is laid out in a Metroidvania style where item collection and exploration are important to progressing and the areas can be cleared in multiple orders. I tried to make the bosses available a little earlier than players would be prepared for them, so don't be afraid to go out and explore if you get stuck. Also don't forget to check back in the first area periodically as the shop there will stock new items as you progress.


This quest takes place some time after Skyward Sword where Hyrule has fallen into a state of paranoia over a prophecy about the Gerudo and the return of Demise. Fights have started breaking out in the streets and so to prevent a possible uprising, the king made the extreme decision to have all Gerudo imprisoned and left to die.

Ganon is sent to one of the more extreme prison camps on a floating island and this is where our story begins. This is all told in-game, so I don't feel the need to paraphrase much more. The story was admittedly somewhat of a last minute aspect of the game.


LunarRedMage/Astromeow - The base idea for this quest came from playing Funshine and watching a Let's Play of Lyrics of Death (guess I might as well thank Eddy too :P). So yeah, major shoutouts to those quests and questmakers. You should give them a try.

Russ - I can't thank Russ enough for his moral support during the whole development process. It was incredibly taxing as I said earlier and talking with him and showing my progress really helped me get through it. He also did a playtesting run which gave me valuable feedback and helped me squash some bugs when there wasn't much time left to test it myself.

Evan20000 - I talked with Evan more during the beginning of development (technically before development) and he had some good suggestions and feedback. He also provided my with a rare Pepe MIDI that I used for a boss.

Aevin - As well as providing moral support like Russ, Aevin completely reproduced a broken MIDI for me. It turned out to be my favorite in the quest.

ZoriaRPG - Zoria gave some important feedback on my sideview enemy pack which ultimately made up 90% of the enemies in the quest. He also answered some questions I had over the course of the quest's development that helped some scripts get written faster.

Culex - He wasn't the final boss.

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