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SubmittedJanuary 7, 2017

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King Aquamentus




Basically done to show off some spriting and tilework I had done for both overworld and dungeon tiles in classic, Magic and Fantasy doesn't do a lot of things fancy. It aims to impress by keeping the technical details simple and workable. That said, it still maintains a strong epic feeling which promises players an epic adventure across the grand kingdom of Hyrule. With this in mind, I do want to mention that the quest makes use of some nifty little Zquest tricks.

The soundtrack is a bit unique to other quests, as many of the midis used are actual songs by actual artists. A bit of inspiration taken from pLeitorian's quests.


Late in the night, sounds could be heard from Hyrule Castle. Swords clashing, people screaming... nobody outside knew what was going on, but soon monsters started appearing all over the kingdom. It was soon discovered that Princess Zelda had been taken in the night by monsters... but where? what for? Were they after the Triforce of Wisdom she kept? What would they do without the Triforce of Power, in possession of the sealed Dark Lord?

One young man from the local village sets foot in the castle, unarmed, looking for answers. His query unravels into a grand quest to reassemble the shattered Triforce of Courage and deliver the princess from evil once again.


this was pretty much a personal project, however I do credit multiple musical artists in the game's credits for midi versions of their songs.

Hints and/or Cheats

grind for rupees early on, some of the prices admittedly aren't thought out

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