The Legend of Zelda Tower of Courage

SubmittedJanuary 17, 2017

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Flying Fish, boltfox20



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It is a typical Zelda style game with basic overworld exploration (One main overworld and 3 mini overworlds),
8 main dungeons, with a final dungeon,
several mini dungeon,
Max health is 20 hearts with 36 heart pieces scattered around the world.
Basic standard ZC items.
Minor scripting (Still learning how to make and use them properly).

Ported over from the,


Over thousands of years there has been fighting between good and evil for the control of the Triforce and it's power. Gannon tried and tried to obtain that power for himself and every time was stopped by a courageous boy wielding the Master sword.
Gannon once again rose from the pits of his banishment and took on the task of gaining the power of the Triforce once again. He tricked the Royal Family and seized entry into the Sacred Realm and was about seize the Triforce and has confronted by Zelda and Link.
The fighting for the Triforce was so fierce that it shook the very foundations of the Sacred Realm. With the long strenuous intensive fighting caused the Triforce to shatter and scatter across the world beyond the kingdom of Hyrule.
With the Triforce being shattered and lost to the world Gannon made his escape. Without the Triforce the kingdom of Hyrule is starting to wither into ruins
Zelda and Link has set off into the world to recover the Triforce and to explore new kingdoms across the world.


Game Designers - Flying Fish

Graphics - Pure Tileset Basic 2.5 from Nick at
other minor loose tiles from
Custom Graphic - Flying Fish

Music -
and ZC

Game Testers - Boltfox20 and friends

Hints and/or Cheats

- Keep tabs on the level 9 dungeon since you have access to it from the beginning depending on our gear you depends on how far you can get in dungeon 9. Each level of dungeon will give you items that can help you on your quest and exploration.

- 36 heart containers scattered across the game some extremely easy to get and some take some exploration to uncover them.

- Not all bosses/enemies can be defeated by your sword utilize the gear you have.

- If you get stuck try using the spin attack to locate bombable walls.

- Your boomerang and hookshot can pick up items you cannot normally reach.
- The biggest secret of them all is to Explore the world!!!!! So much is waiting for you if you do so.

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