Giggle: The Quest (Final)

SubmittedMay 19, 2017

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Giggle: The Quest, is based off of the lore from my video game series 'Giggle'. The game feature 4 main dungeons and a 5th one which is the final boss dungeon. There are 7 total heart pieces obtainable on the overworld and dungeons. The quest may have some bugs, if any are found please let me know and I will fix it. The game is very linear, so if you don't enjoy linear games, this isn't for you, but I would still like for you to try it as this is my first Quest that I have made in ZQuest. This is the final version of the game.


Firebuns has ruled over Bunsriel for years. And just five years ago, things were getting bad. Firebuns hired evil minions to destroy Bunsriel, and the other areas. Gigglebuns being in the rest for the five years is finally awoken and must do what it takes to stop Firebuns and bring peace back to Bunsriel.


PK*MRRD*24, for his tutorial on ZQuest on youtube. I learned a lot from it.

Hints and/or Cheats

Most dungeons have an old man which will lead you to items, secrets, and other things to help progress through the quest.

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