The Adventure of Kain, the return of Ganon.

SubmittedDecember 31, 2018

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H. Norrström



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This is a full game that you should now be able to fully play after 18 years of making. The game is about 25+ hours play and about 3 times the size of the original Zelda.
The game is in old school SNES style and almost no scripted stuff. However, its highly customized in every way.
Lots of custom graphics and enemies. More than 5 villages, 20 caves or dungeons and over 2 different overworld maps. Massive amounts of weapons, enemies and things to search for. Not so many puzzles and riddles more pure fighting and go look for things, but there are a lot of stories and some cutscene and a few major plot twists...


Ever dreamt of playing a bad guy?

As Kain the darknut knight you are sent out on a mission to take back all triforces pieces stolen by Link and the southern alliance of men, elves and other free people.
You are one of Ganons more promising knights and are teleported to Hyrule to fulfill the dark lord's wishes. Basically to slaughter a lot of people and to to take everything from them. Some will help you on your quest and most doesn't.
Will the Adventure of Kain end with Ganons revenge over Link? Or will something else happend?
Who knows where this game will take you...


See the text file for info, the names of those i know are there.
Mostly older stuff is used.
A lot of credit goes for music there is over 70 midis and 150 sound effects.
Including games as Castelvania 1,2,4, BoF 1,2, Lufia 1,2 Lightforce, Turrican2, Super Metroid, Mega Man 2, Shadowgate, Rygar, and other game music remixes.
Well of course credits also goes to creators all older Zelda games. and of Zelda Classic.

Hints and/or Cheats

I will share tips later when i know which parts that a tricky.
In general a good tips is to search everywhere, there is lots of hidden goodies.
There is a lot of story spoilers if i help and say things to early.

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