Enemy Laser

SubmittedOctober 24, 2019

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A script to give slow moving (or stationary) enemies a laser shot weapon. Best used if the enemy is enemy set up to fire a weapon ID of 'Custom 1' through 'Custom 10'.

Solid combos will stop the laser in its tracks.

Script Data Args:

D0: Step speed (Suggest: 450)
D1: Laser beam colour (Classic, Suggest: 4)
D2: layer on which to draw laser beam. (Suggest, 2, or 3)
D3: Sound effect for fizzle on solid object. (Suggest: User provides, custom)
D4: Weapon sprite for fizzle on solid object. (Suggest: User provides, custom)
D5; Laser beam firing sound. (Suggest: User provides, custom)

Updated on 27th October, 2019: Laser beam starting point now adjusts to move with the enemy, so, this works on faster-moving npcs.

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