Lost Isle

SubmittedSeptember 27, 2007

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DarkFlameWolf, Peteo



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Over 2 years in the making, this ambitious duo quest by DarkFlameWolf and Peteo has finally been completed. Lost Isle takes you on a journey to a deserted island where the formal inhabitants have suffered a catastrophic event and all that remains is the dead and the decaying. A sinister story unfolds the further you explore the island and evil secrets are revealed as you get closer and closer to the true evil that is conspiring against you. You will travel through ghost towns, graveyards, swamps, forests, volcanos, wastelands and canyons in your search for answers and a way off this haunted island. With one gigantic world to explore, five huge dungeons, an entire island-wide cave system, many misc. dungeons to explore, optional triforce pieces, hidden secrets and lurking ghosts; this adventure will test your very limits as an explorer. Only the true intrepid players will see the quest through and claim the much -deserved ending.


You (as Link) have crash-landed on a seemingly deserted island out in the middle of the ocean. With no real reference point to indicate where exactly you are in the world, you have no choice but to explore the island and find some way of getting off of it and back to the mainland. But it appears that there was once a civilization here that was thriving, but all that has turned to dust and dead bodies. Undead and foul creatures fill the villages and take shelter in the woods and creep through the dark corners of the island. What could have caused this great catastrophe and is this great evil still alive and well as you explore the very land that it destroyed?


It is a big list. Check the Readme file for credits and other Lost Isle related information.

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5.0 rating based on 1 rating
5.0 rating based on 1 rating

  1. One of the truly classic quests

    I’m not easily impressed, and I’ve played plenty of ZC quests that were fine as fan efforts, but nowhere close to the quality and polish of the official Nintendo games. Lost Isle is one of the few exceptions. I can say without hesitation that Lost Isle is a masterpiece, a must-play for anyone who wants to experience all that Zelda Classic has to offer.

    Lost Isle used to require its own special build of Zelda Classic to function correctly. That may be have been rectified with the release of ZC 2.50, but I haven’t checked personally.