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Animation is a term used to describe combos that change their appearance by cycling through different tiles in a constantly repeating loop. It is not to be confused with combo cycling. There are two main principles involved in animation; frames and speed.

Animation Frames

Animation frames are a consecutive progression of tiles which are cycled through to animate a sprite or a combo.

Any combo or sprite that employs animation requires the entry of a specific number of frames to use for its animation, usually listed as "A. Frames" within the ZQuest editor. This number can range from 0 to 255, where 0 is treated the same as 1. Zelda Classic will always treat the assigned tile as the first frame of the animation, and then continue to subsequent tiles until the number of tiles specified has been reached, before returning back to the first frame.

In the unique case of eyeball combos, there must be animation frames present for each of the eight directions the eye may face placed consecutively in groups on the tile sheet. Therefore, an eyeball combo listed as having 20 animation frames would actually use 160 tiles, the first 20 for one direction, the second 20 for another, and so on.

The number of animation frames is always combined with a specific animation speed (see below).

Animation Speed

Any animated combo or sprite will require a number of animation frames and an animation speed.

When entering a number for animation speed, ZC will treat that as the duration- in tics - of each individual frame of animation. Therefore, the larger the number, the slower the animation.

  • NOTE: The actual number of tics assigned as the animation speed is technically the animation's "A. Speed" plus 1. Therefore, an animation with A. Speed of 0 actually animates at a speed of 1 tic per frame. An animation with A. Speed of 1, meaning there are 2 tics per frame, is in actuality exactly twice as fast as an animation with A. Speed of 3, which means there are 4 tics per frame. An animation which would have a frame for each second (60 tics) should have an A. Speed of 59.