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Armos are specific enemies included by default.

The Enemy

Statue that comes to life when touched. There are two types, the slow and fast types. As well as being placed normally, they are generated from the armos combo type (note that there is a bug left over from Z1 that causes the armos to appear slightly over Link if triggered from below, doing damage. This bug can be fixed with a certain NES Fix Quest Rule). If placed on a screen with the enemies menu, an under combo appears under its starting point.

Specific Information

Enemy: Armos
In The Legend of Zelda: Yes
Old Tiles: 88 - 91
Width: 4
Height: 0
Special Tiles: N/A
New Tiles: Slow: 2260 - 2275
Fast: 2280 - 2295
Width: 16
Height: 2
Weapon: None
Type: Walking Enemy
Old Tile Animation: Armos (NES)
New Tile Animation Armos (4-Frame)
Item Set: None
HP: 6
Damage: 4
Weapon Damage: N/A
Hunger: 0
Random Rate: 6
Halt Rate: 0
Homing Factor: 128
Step Speed: 50
CSet: 8
Old Animation Frame Rate: 16
New Animation Frame Rate: 16
Enemy Class Attributes: Death Type: Normal
Walk Style: Armos
Alt. Speed: 150
Sound Effects: Death: 10- Enemy Dies
Misc Flags:
Defenses: None
Spawn Flags: Spawned By Armos Combo Type
Spawn Animation: Flicker
When Link touches an Armos statue, it comes to life and attacks. Some Armos are slow while others are fast.

Enemy Properties

As of 1145, the Armos walking type has been integrated into the Walking enemy type. See Walking Enemy