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The boots completely null the effect of the damage combo type. They are a new item in Zelda Classic.

Quests made in 2.10 and lower that contain custom bosses frequently do not and can not give the boots to the player, since most custom bosses involve the use of the damage combo type, and giving the boots would ruin the effect. In 2.5 quests with custom bosses, however, the Boots can be given to the player thanks to the screen flag 'Damage Combos Ignore Boots'.

Boots can be made to use magic via a quest rule (in 2.10 and lower) or via the item editor (in 2.5). In this case, Link's magic will run down while Link is over a damage combo. If Link's magic runs out, he will be damaged normally by damage combos.

Item: Boots
In The Legend of Zelda: No
Level: 1
Item Class Properties: Damage Combo Level: 7
Increase Amount:
Max Increase:
Hearts Required: 0
Magic Cost: 0
Flags: Equipment Item
These boots allow Link to walk safely through damage combos.