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Cheats are powerful devices that allow for unimaginable power that normal items cannot provide.

Why Cheat?

Setting up cheats for a quest.

Cheats are often used for either beta testing a quest, or as a reward to players who find a very difficult secret. For the purpose of beta testing, if Beta Testers get stuck, the cheats can be enabled at a point where the player is no longer stuck. Cheats often help in the collecting of bugs in a quest, so the creator can fix them on the final release, or in later betas.

There are different opinions about whether cheats should be changed or removed in the final version of a quest. That decision is left to the quest author.


In ZQuest, go to Quest -> Cheats. Enable cheats by activating the check box. The cheat codes themselves do not have to be provided, but it is usually recommended to provide some.

There are four levels of cheats available.

Level 1

The following items can be refilled anytime the player wants:

Level 2

The following actions are possible with this cheat:

Level 3

Activating this level allows access to the Link Data, which allows the player to choose which items Link has on hand. Setting this data is similar to setting up Init Data.

Level 4

Activating this level allows Link to walk through unwalkable combos, ignoring most combo types. There is also an option to kill all of the enemies on the current screen.