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Here a mountain top combo is shown in the combo editor. Note that only the right portion of the combo is solid (that is the left portion is walkable) as indicated by the red shading in the middle square, and that the combo type enables the use of the ladder or hookshot. An inherent flag is not set.

Combos are interactive versions of tiles. They have preset types (such as various warps) and can have animation by combining tiles. They also have walkability flags, can use 2 Csets distinguished by 8x8 pixel portions, and can change into another combo (combo cycling).

A Combo is a "combination" of several attributes in one neat little package. It is the foundation for almost all quest building. Combos are the "brushes" on the right side of the editor that you can click and place on Screens.

A Combo consists of:

1. A Tile = The graphics displayed by the combo.

2. A Type = The way the combo interacts with the world.

3. An Inherent Flag = A flag that is always assigned when the Combo is around.

4. An Animation and Animation Speed = This tells the combo whether to flash a series of tiles, starting with the one you've assigned, and how fast to do so.

5. Walkability = Whether the player can walk on the combo, and on what parts the player can walk. There are four corners to the Combo. Click on the little window on top of the Combo Editor to make fourths of the Combo red or gray. Red corners are unwalkable. If the Combo is a "Water" type, red corners are treated as water for Flippers use.

6. Secondary C-Set = If you want to display some corners of a Combo in one Cset, and other corners in another, click the window to the right of the Walkability editor. Blue corners will be displayed in a second C-set, specified in the Combo editor as "C-Set Offset."

7. Combo Cycle = When the Combo has completed the Animation you have set, it will change to another specified Combo. Combos that only animate over one tile will not change. If the Combo is set to animate to Combo No. 0, it will not change.

8. An Animation Skip X and Y

9. A flag that causes the combo to restart its animation on room entry

10. A flag that causes the combo to restart its animation when cycled to