Combo No. 0

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Combo No. 0 is the default combo, which has particular attributes. Its numerous uses include the following:

  • Combo No. 0 is the default Combo that will be displayed on all screens before you draw anything on them. For this reason, especially when dealing with layers, it is wise to set Combo No. 0 to be an entirely blank Combo.
  • Combo No. 0 is code for "ignore me" for several purposes. A Combo set to change to Combo No. 0 through Combo Animation will not change. The editor interprets Combo No. 0 as being default behavior, and an indication that no animation is desired.
  • The properties of a Freeform Combo whose Combo is set to Combo No. 0 will not be saved when you close the FFC editor. Again, the editor assumes that, if you left the FFC assigned to Combo No. 0, you didn't do anything with it.
  • If the player leaves a screen while a Freeform Combo is displaying Combo No. 0, for whatever reason, that Freeform Combo will ignore the Carryover flag.