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Both ZC and ZQuest can be called with command line switches to influence their behaviour, like starting in windowed mode.

Using command line switches

If you know how to use a command line, enter them as usual. If you don't, here's some easier ways:

Make a shortcut by right-clicking zelda-w.exe or zquest.w.exe and choose copy. Right click some empty space in the folder or on your desktop and choose paste shortcut. Right-click the shortcut and choose properties, in the command field add a space on the end and the switches after that. Now use your shortcut to start ZC/ZQ.

Some switches are remembered the next time you start ZC/ZQ without any switches, others are not. If you use a shortcut it'll always use the switches you set.

ZC switches

starts ZC in fullscreen mode.
starts ZC as a window.
-res xxx yyy 
sets the window resolution to xxx pixels width and yyy height. Replace these by sensible numbers like 640 480 or 800 600. These only influence the size of the window, not of the actual game.
-res xxx yyy big 
same, but makes the game run at 2x scale.
silent. Turns off all sound.
disable sound. Probably identical to -s.
cause program to quit immediately.
skip the intro.
runs ZConsole in parallel. (Windows version, only.)
runs with a specific quest, skips intro. Toggles bool Standalone to true.
zelda-* -standalone <quest> -savefile <save>
vsync off.
vsync on

ZQ switches

Override automatic loading of last opened quest, and start a new project.
starts ZQ in fullscreen mode.
starts ZQ as a window.
-scale x 
Sets the scale, x can be 1 (normal), 2 or 3.
Opened the new, 2.5 style ZQuest view.
--> Verify this argument is still valid, without -scale and check for -small variant/default. 
-scale 1 -large 
Activates the new large mode. Despite its name, some features appear at 2x scale and the window takes up about 3x size.
silent. Turns off all sound.
--> Is there sound in ZQuest?
[ \filepath\filename.qst ] 
load filename.qst on start
--> If you use this, it must be the first argument that you pass.
    Example: zquest.exe C:\ZC\myquest.qst -windowed -scale 1 -large

Zelds lassic Launcher

There is also a program called ZLaunch, or ZC Launcher (ZLC) available that lets you set the switches and start ZC/ZQ at the touch of a button. ZLaunch is bundled with 2.50.0 and higher distributions of Zelda Classic.

--> -console is not available from ZLaunch.exe

Graphics Modes

You may select a graphics mode, when setting fullscreen, or windowed switches.

; -fullscreen [-directx [-soft | -safe] ]
; -windowed [-directx | -gdi]

Older ZC Versions

Earlier ZC releases, that run purely on DOS, use these options to set a graphics mode:

-modex | -vesa1 | -vesa2b | -vesa2l | -vesa3