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An NES dungeon is a type of dmap, but it's also a type of place.

Quests usually contain many dungeons, and the original Zelda game contained 9 of them. 8 for the Triforce pieces, and the last for the home of Ganon. Since then many quests have 9 dungeons in them. Dungeons usually contain keys, a compass, a map, a boss key and usually a main item that is aquired throughout playing the dungeon. At the end of the dungeon is a boss that you fight for the Triforce piece and one heart container. Generally, dungeons contain many enemies, and much backtracking, as is the Zelda style.

NES Dungeon Properties

As stated above, an NES dungeon is a type of dmap, and like the overworld dmap, it has many attributes that may appeal to the quest maker. For instance, dungeons are designed around the idea of having roughly rectangular rooms that are divided by walls and doorways.

In freeform dungeons that use the Dungeon Dmap type, Link will walk an extra 2 combos away from the side of the screen when he enters a new screen, a feature which is intended to circumvent a quirk in ZC which would otherwise cause certain shutters to block entry into a room. However, whenever a flag is used, it will revert back to it's original state once the room has been left. Whether this is helpful or harmful depends on the questmaker.

Also note that many of the properties usually associated with a dungeon Dmap are actually dependent on the Dmap's level number.