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A fairy is an item dropped by some enemies in The Legend of Zelda and a guy selectable in the guy list. The item recovers 3 hearts when Link picks it up. The fairy at a fairy pond in The Legend of Zelda refills Link's life when he steps to the front of the fairy fountain. In Zelda Classic, stepping on a a combo marked with flag 7 (fairy, life) will refill Link's life. As of Zelda Classic 2.5, there are three types of fairy flags: one that only refills life (flag 7- fairy ring (life)), one that only refills magic (flag 92- fairy ring (magic)), and one that refills both (flag 93- fairy ring (all)).

Item: Fairy (Item)
In The Legend of Zelda: Yes
Level: 1
Item Class Properties: HP regained: 3 hearts
Percentage: No
Step Speed (moving): 50
Step Speed (stationary): 0
Increase Amount:
Max Increase:
Hearts Required: 0
Magic Cost: 0
When picked up, this fairy refills 3 hearts of Link's life.