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The hammer is a Zelda series item which originated in Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. It was originally used to destroy boulders and trees on the map screen, and nothing else. Ever since The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, however, it has since doubled as a weapon, typically characterized as sluggish to use but capable of smashing through particular enemies' defenses.

The Hammer in Zelda Classic

In Zelda Classic, the Hammer is used in a similar nature to the hammer from A Link to the Past, but with added attack power. Link will hold the Hammer above his head, then bring it down in front of him. The Hammer attack uses nine tiles. Three tiles with the hammer above Link's head, three tiles with it partially under Link's sprite, and three with it out in front of Link. Left and Right hammer tiles are identical and flipped.

It deals 4 damage to enemies it is capable of damaging, making it as powerful as the Magic Sword, albeit a little slower. The Hammer is capable of "breaking" the shields held by Darknuts if the quest rule 'Breakable Darknut Shields' is checked. This rule was removed as of build 1104 due to the modifications to the walking enemy class. Hitting a Darknut from its front will cause it to lose its shield if it isn't killed by the blow.

As for the Hammer's non-combat uses, it is capable of affecting combos that are assigned the pound combo type. It can also be used to activate the hammer flag (Secret Flag #89). The secret combo for the Hammer flag can be assigned by using the 4th box of the row marked "Misc." on the Secret Combos page in version 1.92 and higher.

Item: Hammer
In The Legend of Zelda: No
Level: 1
Item Class Properties: Damage: 4
Increase Amount:
Max Increase:
Hearts Required: 0
Magic Cost: 0
Flags: Equipment Item
One of the more powerful weapons, the hammer allows Link to pound certain combs and break enemy shields. One thing to note is that this weapon has a slower attack time. It originates from Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, but it was first used as a melee weapon in A Link To The Past.