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Version-2.50.png The information below describes features introduced in Zelda Classic version 2.50.

Init Data, which stands for "Initialization Data," is a series of specifications which control the starting equipment and abilities the main character has when a player begins a quest. There are now 5 pages in the Init Data editor, which differs greatly from previous versions. The pages are Equipment, Items, Level Items, Misc and Constants.

~I have filled in a lot of data here, although I have only glossed over each tab in minimal detail. I think what I've written should all be correct, but please add to/correct what's here - Joe123


InitData Equipment.png

In this tab, all items which will appear on Link's Active Subscreen are denoted. This involves both passive and active items. There is a box on the left of the page with a scroll bar, where items are organized into families. When selected, the different items in the family are shown on the right of the page, each with a check box next to it. If checked, Link will start with that item in his inventory.

In the First Quest, and by default upon creating a new quest, Link starts off with the small shield.


InitData Item.png

In this tab, initial values for default counters are set. This includes the number of Keys, Rupees, Arrows, Bombs and Super Bombs Link starts with, as well as the maximum values for those counters (although these values are over-ridden if Quivers or Bomb Bags are used via Quest Rules). The ratio of Bombs:Super Bombs Link can hold is also set here. The number in the box denotes how many bombs Link must be able to hold for each one super bomb.

Level Items

InitData Level.png

This tab has changed little between older versions and the latest betas, unlike the other tabs.

Here, the items associated with Link's level number are put into Link's inventory. 'M' signifies the level's map, 'C' the compass, 'B' the boss key and the box labelled 'K' signifies number of level specific keys.

There are up to 512 levels to set default data, from 000 to 511.


InitDat Misc.png

In this tab, all other data to do with Link's starting equipment is set, along with some other details. The Dmap that Link will start on is set here, the number of heart containers he will begin with, along with a number of heart pieces, and a number of heart pieces necessary for one heart container. The amount of heart he will start with after continuing is set here, and can be done so as a number or a percentage. Triforce pieces that Link will start with are set here, as well as the amount of initial and maximum magic, whether or not Link can use certain items for only half the magic cost, and whether Link starts with the Slash ability or not.


ItemData Constant.png

This tab sets at present three constants to do with how the game deals with gravity and jumping. There is a value for the strength of gravity in sideview areas, the terminal velocity of falling sprites in said areas, and a value at which, when Link jumps, he will be drawn above Layer 3 (this is to help deal with effects of Link jumping 'into' trees that he stands beneath)