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Large mode is turned on in ZQuest by using the -windowed -scale 1 -large command line switches or by selecting the large mode option on the ZQuest tab of the ZC Launcher program. It gives you a new user interface with quicker access to more options. The current large mode is based off a mockup created by Beefster(09).

The large ZQuest user interface


These are the main features:

  1. The main screen - shows one screen of your map and the edges of neighbouring screens to quickly see combo misaligns.
  2. The menu and combo mode - the menu works like in standard ZQuest, the button to the right displays the current placement mode and allows you to switch quickly between normal, relational, dungeon carving and Combo Alias modes.
  3. The combo panels. There are now three so you can have more combos visible at once. The panel you last clicked in is always the one that hotkeys like the ones to scroll work on.
  4. The combo favoutrites scrapbook. Here you can place combos you want to use a lot for quick access using the favourites hotkeys.
  5. The command buttons. Here you can add commands you use frequently (like those in the menus) from a list. Use the favourites hotkeys.
  6. Nine screens. You now have nine screens active at once that you can switch between. Keeping it on 0 works like zquest used to.
  7. The information panel. Works with the PAGE UP/DOWN hotkeys as usual, but you now have buttons along the bottom too to switch. The layer button shows red rectangles corresponding to layers that exist on the current screen. Right-click a rectangle to switch to that layer directly.

Favourites Hotkeys

SHIFT + Click 
Set a favourite.
CTRL + Click 
Remove a favourite.
Select a favourite.