Lens of Truth

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The Lens of Truth is an item that Link can use to reveal the true nature of various aspects of the surrounding environment. Unlike the Amulet, it does not reveal enemies unless a certain quest rule is checked (put in ZQuest terms, the Lens is mainly used on combos). It depletes magic for every moment Link has it activated. In 2.10 and lower, if magic is not enabled in the quest, it reduces rupees instead. In 2.50, it reduces rupees instead of magic if the 'Uses Rupees Instead of Magic' checkbox is checked.

By default, the Lens can be used to find secrets. When activated, secrets will flash, alerting the player to "hotspots" where they know they can interact with the screen if they use the correct item or action. The questmaker can disable this usage with a certain quest rule. Most quest authors leave it disabled, as it tends to give away information about certain interactive screens that are not treated as conventional puzzles. When designing a room, Flag #14 can be used to manually alert the player to objects of interest when s/he uses the Lens of Truth. This item originated in Ocarina of Time.

Item: Len Of Truth
In The Legend of Zelda: No
Level: 1
Item Class Properties: Lens Width: 60
Increase Amount:
Max Increase:
Hearts Required: 0
Magic Cost: 2
Flags: Equipment Item
This lens reveals secret combos and illuminates combos with lens marker flags. It also tells Link what item must be used to reveal the secrets and shows raft paths when certain quest rules are checked.