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The MIDI Editor is a combination MIDI selector and minor editor for ZQuest.

The Editor can be selected via Quest -> Audio -> MIDIs.

Select Music

MidiEditor Select.png

As a quest author, you have up to 252 MIDIs available for play. When you highlight a MIDI, you can see its name, volume, start, and loop settings. Double clicking a MIDI or selecting one and clicking the Edit button takes you to the MIDI Specs screen.

Midi Specs

MidiEditor Specs.png

This screen is where you actually control the MIDI options.

  • The Load button allows you to load the chosen MIDI file. It can be from anywhere. Note that for technical reasons, some MIDI files are incompatible with ZQuest.
  • The Stop button stops playing the music file, while the Play button starts it again. The other two buttons allow skipping ahead during play.
  • The Position field determines what beat is being played in the MIDI file. Length is the length of the file in beats. Time is how long in seconds the file lasts from start to finish.
  • Name is the name of the file. When you first load the file, the name field is the file name of the MIDI. This can be renamed to anything else to make it easier on the quest maker.
  • Volume is the volume of the MIDI. It accepts a value between 0 to 255, with 0 being complete silence.
  • If the Loop checkbox is unchecked, the music stops playing when the music reaches the Loop End or the max Length, whichever comes first. Otherwise, the music will play indefinitely.
  • The Start box determines which beat to start playing the MIDI file. Not all MIDIs start on beat 0.
  • When Loop End is reached, it immediately jumps to Loop Start. If Loop end is -1, the MIDI loops at the end of the file.
  • Disable saving prevents the MIDI from being extracted and saved by players.

Once the editing is completed, hit the OK button to save changes or cancel to ignore them.